The clicking of heels on a marble floor Wood crackling in a fire The smell of vanilla essence Raindrops against the roof and windowpanes Scratching of a squeaky pen/pencil Fingers typing at a keyboard Tea brewing Distant static of thunder Buzz of faraway music that you can’t really make out Frothing of coffee in the … Continue reading 25 CALMING SOUNDS AND SMELLS


The Fighter

There are far too many people out there who are depressed, have eating disorders, anxiety or some kind of mental illness, and not surprisingly, a major of them are teenagers and young adults. These are things that don’t get better just by somebody telling them ‘it’s going to be okay’, ‘there’s no need to be … Continue reading The Fighter

happy thoughts (+)

People say ‘I love you’ in many different ways. ‘Eat something’, ‘buckle up’, ‘get some sleep’, ‘here you can have my fries’, ‘text me when you get home’, ‘be safe’. It doesn’t make sense to call yourself ugly, because you never really see yourself. You don’t watch yourself curling up in bed after a long … Continue reading happy thoughts (+)