1. The clicking of heels on a marble floor
  2. Wood crackling in a fire
  3. The smell of vanilla essence
  4. Raindrops against the roof and windowpanes
  5. Scratching of a squeaky pen/pencil
  6. Fingers typing at a keyboard
  7. Tea brewing
  8. Distant static of thunder
  9. Buzz of faraway music that you can’t really make out
  10. Frothing of coffee in the machine
  11. Opening a can of soda
  12. The sound of someone’s heartbeat
  13. The wind rushing through the trees
  14. After rain smell
  15. Snipping of scissors cutting paper
  16. The smell of a coffee house
  17. Stiffness in new books
  18. A ceiling fan spinning
  19. A cat’s meow
  20. Twigs crunching underfoot
  21. The smell of a rose garden
  22. Birds singing up in the trees
  23. Stepping on a crunchy leaf
  24. A car rolling up to the driveway to take you somewhere
  25. The silence of falling snow


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