1. The existence of green tea
  2. Kittens, cats, tigers, lions
  3. Larry Stylinson might come out
  4. Incredibles 2 is going to release
  5. Marathons of your favorite TV show
  6. Windy rainstorm days
  7. Newly washed bed sheets
  8. Sunrises and sunsets
  9. Louis Tomlinson’s jawline
  10. Coca cola
  11. Thigh high socks
  12. Season 4 of BBC Sherlock
  13. Inferno is going to release
  14. Warm showers and bubble baths
  15. Dimpled smiles
  16. Smell of vanilla
  17. Getting new notebooks
  18. Nerf wars
  19. Chocolate cupcakes
  20. New books
  21. Snowball fights
  22. Playing video games till the sun rises
  23. The moonlight peering through your window like you’re the only one awake in the whole world
  24. Van Gogh’s paintings
  25. Eating raw cookie dough
  26. Smell of freshly cut lawn grass
  27. The electricity in the air on a fall morning
  28. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  29. Stacking empty egg shells into each other because they fit neatly
  30. Reading with a torch under the bed covers
  31. Getting an A+ on a test you didn’t study for
  32. Nice food cafeteria days
  33. The feeling of Friday night
  34. Turkish Delight
  35. Talking to strangers without stuttering
  36. Giving your bus seat up for a senior citizen
  37. Text posts on your Tumblr dash that show how many people are going through the same thing you are
  38. The smell of handsanitizer
  39. Licking the bottom of cupcake wrappers
  40. Lorde’s lyrics
  41. Bonfires
  42. Fireflies
  43. Taco Bell
  44. Milk chocolate
  45. Sugar rushes
  46. Smell of violets
  47. Passersby smiling at you
  48. Riding escalators backwards
  49. Midnight laughter
  50. Writing with a sharp pencil


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