The Artist’s Dilemma

If people were like colors, Ramona Walters was a riot of blood red, thick muddled blacks, olive and streaks of snowflake. James Brooke was confused in hues of flame, deep brown, federal blues and warm green. He was a rainbow, and she was a tragedy. And together they could make a masterpiece. Ramona stared sullenly … Continue reading The Artist’s Dilemma



The clicking of heels on a marble floor Wood crackling in a fire The smell of vanilla essence Raindrops against the roof and windowpanes Scratching of a squeaky pen/pencil Fingers typing at a keyboard Tea brewing Distant static of thunder Buzz of faraway music that you can’t really make out Frothing of coffee in the … Continue reading 25 CALMING SOUNDS AND SMELLS

The Fighter

There are far too many people out there who are depressed, have eating disorders, anxiety or some kind of mental illness, and not surprisingly, a major of them are teenagers and young adults. These are things that don’t get better just by somebody telling them ‘it’s going to be okay’, ‘there’s no need to be … Continue reading The Fighter


The existence of green tea Kittens, cats, tigers, lions Larry Stylinson might come out Incredibles 2 is going to release Marathons of your favorite TV show Windy rainstorm days Newly washed bed sheets Sunrises and sunsets Louis Tomlinson’s jawline Coca cola Thigh high socks Season 4 of BBC Sherlock Inferno is going to release Warm … Continue reading 50 REASONS NOT TO COMMIT SUICIDE

On Writing Well-(#1) How to Get Started

This is the part of the article that is supposed to catch the reader's eye. All my work in typing this will be wasted if you don't bother to click that 'read more' button . This is the kind of beginning  that I'm supposed to tell you to avoid in the text of my ridiculously long article … Continue reading On Writing Well-(#1) How to Get Started


one                                                                                I pressed my face against the window, the cold glass on my skin felt nice. I looked at the patch of fog my breath created and leaned back, startled. I ran my finger along the white cloud, making a swirly pattern. A blue glow among the trees. A dark figure suddenly appeared in the … Continue reading Syzygy